you do not understand
the w e i g h t i place upon
my own shoulders 

account on full/semi hiatus again until further notice

January  11   ( 2 )

覚者 | W [pixiv] 


                                  I wish I was a l o n e

                                                                   I wish I was dead

                                        To drown out these noises

                                                             inside my {head}

January  4   ( 4 )
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                                 sometimes before it gets better,
                                                the darkness gets bigger.

                                      the person that you’d take a
                                             bullet for
s behind the trigger.


The Ultra-rare type card for BCM’s New Years gacha! Chris/Leon team-up!

         It hurt like hell the last time I lost you

                          [ a n d ]

         I don't wanna do that again.

to recognize the crack, remember these things I had.

January  3   ( 8 )
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